Book: Suspended Animation

An Unauthorised History of Herald and Britains Figures

Suspended AnimationEverything you always wanted to know about Herald and Britains, and a handful of things which you hadn't even got round to thinking about.

This magnificent A4 volume, entitled "Suspended Animation: An Unauthorised History of Herald & Britains Plastic Figures", is packed with all the stuff which figure collectors drool over. In its 198 pages there are over 200 photographic illustrations, in colour as well as black & white; over 1,000 line drawings, including illustrations of every figure made by either of the firms; diagrams to explain all the processes involved; and a clearly-written and entertaining text which contains interviews with many of the main people connected with the story, and much fascinating behind-the-scenes information about the technical, economic, and political background to the two firms' figure production. All this material is straightforwardly and attractively presented, making the book a delight to own.
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Pages 42-43 Pages 78-79
" A serious, well-researched book [and] a good read"
Percy Reboul, Plastics Historical Society Newsletter

"I defy anyone with an interest in this subject at all to refuse to buy a copy of this book"

James Opie, Plastic Warrior

"Highly recommended"
Military Modelling

"This is a fascinating piece of modelling history and will appeal to all collectors out there"
Model Mart

"A feast of information for the collector of these models"
Collect It!

"If you collect plastic figures, then this book is a must."
Toy Soldier & Model Figure

"Suspended Animation is the most intelligent, articulate and informative book I've ever read about toy figures... If you missed it the first time round, buy this second edition before it sells out. It's a class act."
Rob Hendrie - Toy Soldier Collector

"With its delicious colour cover, Peter Cole's wonderfully illustrated history simply bursts with information and entertaining prose... Suspended Animation is an enviable accomplishment by all involved and should be in every collector's library. Don't wait for this one to go out of print!"
Playset Magazine

Suspended Animation
(Published by Plastic Warrior, ISBN: 1 900898 04 7)
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