This is the Replicants Website.

Replicants is a company which produces unpainted plastic toy figures in 1/32 scale. The company is run by people with a passion for plastic toy figures.

We try to make figures which are a little bit unusual.

On this website you can get an idea of our range of figures, as well as learning a bit about how they are made and how they look when they are painted and/or converted.

There is information about our book, "Suspended Animation: an Unauthorised History of Herald and Britains Plastic Figures"; and you can learn about the spare parts we make for Britains figures; then there is a page about some moulds which Replicants now use which were originally made by the 1950s firm Paramount; and just to make you cross we have a page showing the lovely figures which we used to produce but which we have now deleted because the moulds were proving troublesome.

We hope this will spur you to buy from the current range while it is still available.