Wood engraving from American Civil War Infantry by Michael Blake

The above figure, originally done by Peter Cole for Marksmen but now returned to the Replicants fold as part of the CW3 set, was derived from the wood engraving to the left.

An early version was made in more of a kneeling position but this turned out to be beyond the bounds of what was anatomically possible.

The Marksmen set was issued in 1992. This 40mm version of the figure turned up in an American Civil War set made in China in or around 1996.

Then in 2001 BMC produced this plastic figure which was in turn a simplified version of one produced at around the same time by King and Country in white metal.

The Union dismounted cavalryman in a way completes the circle. Replicants has tried to copy the best features of the original figure and the BMC one; and in consequence we believe we have produced the best version so far of this pose.